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Fast web content migration: what went right for a global oil company

Your organization probably already changed your WCMS platform three times since the 1990's. What is the secret to a fast and effective web site migration?  This case study outlines how a global Oil Company migrated over 150 websites to a new WCMS platform in less than 6 months using a templated approach and repeatable methodology for simultaneous website migrations. This Global Oil Company successfully developed a diverse, often award-winning, estate of web properties, during the 1990’s. In 2001 the business was ready to “move up a gear” and create a single e-architecture to: Present a single, trusted face to the customer; Enable global sharing and re-use of content and applications; Enable personalization of content for site visitors; Become the easiest company to do business with on the web. The 2-phase project concept was: Design a set of re-usable “products” (guidelines, procedures, user guides and software tools) that could be deployed, on a site by