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The CMG Knowledge Intranet (2020 Edition)

CMG was one of the first companies in the world to use intranet technology for knowledge management. In this new edition of our 1998 paper, Corrine Sellens and I explain our process and the key principles of a knowledge management intranet.   Executive Summary CMG was a European IT Services company with a unique culture of sharing knowledge - they were 'Knowledge Makers'.  Rapid growth during the 1990s required CMG to find new ways to bring people, and what they know together. Intranet technology was used to empower individuals and to reinforce the corporate culture. A suite of intranet tools enabled consultants to collect, store, share, re-use and create knowledge in self-administered communities of interest.  Types of Knowledge Organization Based on our experience of clients at the time, we identified three types of knowledge organization: Knowledge Seekers  Knowledge Users  Knowledge Makers  'Knowledge Seekers'  are generally older and larger organizati