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Interactive Knowledge Products: how to make knowledge more engaging (and stop creating more documents)

Documents are an effective and lasting container to capture and share knowledge - but in this digital age are they always the best option? This article explores the growing area of interactive knowledge as an alternative to documents. Since the 1980’s, documents became electronic: we were able to share digital versions of our documents via floppy disk, email and the internet but they were still documents. In the last 15 years cloud and mobile computing, apps, social media and instant messaging reshaped the internet and enabled more people to share all kinds of content more widely than ever before. People expect to be informed and engaged by smaller, faster, responsive, usable and on-demand chunks underpinned by a data driven infrastructure - and we are not patient to search through screens of text to find the answer we need. Knowledge managers should consider new processes and outputs for this digital world and employ more non-documentary interactive knowledge formats. Let's see wh